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Associations @ IIIT UNA

Aavesh is an electronics society that strives to teach and help students acquire new skills in an era of rapidly evolving technology in the field of electronics and communication engineering. The Society aims to provide potential minds of IIITU a platform to discuss innovative ideas and nurture their skills to tackle real-life challenges in the world today and contribute to the technical society through various projects, patents and research publications. We will be organizing various expert lectures, workshops, mentorship programs as well as competitions throughout the year to keep the students learning and providing them with the necessary resources to implement their ideas. Activities of this club are published in the Current event section in every semester.

Creating Ideas with Technology & Imagination

FORCE (FORum for Computer Engineers) is the departmental team for Computer Science at IIIT Una. We are a community of students who gain and impart knowledge about Computer Science in the institute, which in turn helps to develop the coding culture in the institute. All year round, we conduct numerous events in the institute which consists of workshops, hackathons and competitive programming events among others.

We aim to develop projects which could be used inside the institute by the teachers and the students likewise. We conduct frequent programming meets for developing a coding community inside the institute which helps the students in developing their skills and thus contribute in the growth of the institution.

InfoSec IIITU is the Information Security Community of Indian Institute of Information Technology Una which aims at growing awareness among the students in the field of Cyber Security and encouraging them to take part in CFTs that are conducted around the world.

As we all know, ‘AI’ is the new electricity. Unlike ever before, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are on boom right now and this field is making more progress than many other fields combined. The Data Science club of IIIT Una is a club solely dedicated for the developing the data science culture of our institute. We are tightly knit group of students who study data science and its sub domains to assist the institute and the students in several aspects with our research and projects.


Here at the Data Science Club, we conduct biweekly community meets in which we introduce the students of the institute to the core concepts of Data Science and Machine Learning. We use Google Colab as a platform for learning, practicing and executing the codes. Other than this, we work on numerous projects all year round by which we help in the development of the institute and the students.

EvMac is the Event Management Club of IIIT Una. It organizes all the technical and cultural events of the institute in collaboration with all the other clubs, while managing the discipline, decoration, finances and all other aspects of the given event. EvMac also organizes  various other independent events and competitions all round the year.

Followings are the mission of the Event Management Club:

To organize all the events  of the institute successfully.

To give the students of IIIT Una the opportunity to showcase their skills.

To enhance management, communication, and critical thinking skills of students.

Surge aims to develop a good electronics culture amongst students by conducting various quizzes, Hackathon and events during our Annual Technical Fest Meraki. Surge has the Vision to help everyone to enhance their skills to become the best Electronics & Coomunication Engineer .

Technology that’s the middle name of our institute IIIT Una. The technical club of Department of Computer Science HASH has been started with the objective of development and exchange of relevant knowledge to learn and develop skills in various aspects of programming and become aware of technological advancements in various spheres of computer science.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” HASH the technical club of IIIT, Una is active during the technical fest of the college. It provides platform for variety of projects and events that contribute in the development of our college. These events range from an online competitive coding competition to many offline events to provide a fun-filled and informative experience.

If creativity is your thing, and your imagination take leaps and can beautify the most simplest of things, Impressions is the place for you!
Getting into more detail, It is the club responsible for encapturing and promoting various cultural and technical events that are being held in the institute, through photography, cinematography and graphic designing.

Photography: A school student snaps cell phone pictures;  parents record their new born's first steps ; a hiker stands on a remote peak and captures his moment of victory. I think we all agree, the world is full of photographers, and We, at IIIT una, are a team of individuals who promote, critique and share the love for photography. We cover all events held in the campus. 

editing and animation:  In this domain, our club collaborates the work of production and animation and weaves it to create extraordinary and eye appealing videos. 

Graphic design:  This is where we integrate photography and illustrations to produce content which is graphically appealing. This serves to convey information to masses via posters, fliers ,brochures
and a lot more.

The team is a collaboration of some very creative and passionate people, and we are working to widen our scopes, and grow each day.

Sports Committee has started its working from the session 2018-19. It is group of extremely dedicated and talented sports-persons. This committee will be organizing Annual Sports Meet "YALGAAR" of the IIIT Una. 
Be it managing 200 students, booking train tickets, getting permissions done or playing their respective game in a lavishing manner, the Sports Committee do it all and that too effortlessly.
Recently our Sports Committee represented IIIT Una in the Inter-IIIT sports
meet Asmita'19 held at IIIT Allahabad. We participated in various indoor and outdoor games such as Cricket, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Athletics, Table Tennis, Volleyball and many more.